Wool Investment

This document provides information about the value of wool carpet flooring.

A Smart Investment

Wools of New Zealand Brand carpets have a reputation for quality, durability and value in commercial environments. And year after year, in location after location, our carpets have lived up to that reputation.

For commercial installations, you can count on carpet from Wools of New Zealand for:
  • Natural wear resistance
  • Longer life span
  • Color retention
  • Recovery from compression
  • Natural and inherent soil resistance
  • Excellent response to vacuum and wet cleaning (choose lighter shades with confidence)
  • Better thermal insulation (save on heating costs)
  • Recovery from burns from cigarettes or hot embers

The Natural Choice

In an attempt to match the natural soil resistance of wool, synthetic fiber manufacturers alter the surface of their fibers by applying coatings. These surface coatings are subject to abrasive wear from foot traffic as well as cleaning, and so have limited durability. Once these coatings start to wear off, soiling rates increase, differential soiling occurs and carpets must be cleaned more frequently to maintain the level of appearance of the floorcovering. More frequent and more intensive cleaning means higher maintenance costs, and replacing worn-off coating is both troublesome and costly.

A Wise Buy

Experience has shown that Wools of New Zealand Brand carpets look better longer. In some cases, although the initial cost of Wools of New Zealand Brand carpet may be more than other brands, they cost less to maintain, retain a higher appearance level and have a longer floor-life. So for the long term, carpet from Wools of New Zealand Partners is a more economical proposition than most competitive floor coverings in commercial environments.

Wools of New Zealand Carpet Hard at Work Woodruff Arts Center

Working with wool...and a budget? By Budgeting Cost Averaging you can expand your options.

Cost Averaging in Action shows you how to make the most of your carpet dollars.

Woodruff Arts Center

In preparation for the Centennial Olympics, Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center tapped the talent of Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates (TVS&A) for its extensive renovation. Visitors from around the world were greeted with inviting curves, dramatic dual staircases and luxurious custom designed carpet from Wools of New Zealand.

"Because of the high traffic in the Woodruff Arts Center, performance and maintenance were extremely important in this project," says Steve Clem, Associate Principle of TVS&A. "We needed a carpet that would mask stains, withstand high traffic and retain its beauty. We only considered wool."

To adorn the spacious atrium and mezzanine, TVS&A selected a wilton-woven Wools of New Zealand Brand carpet form Bloomsburg and rendered a design to complement the center's impressive architectural elements.

When the crews finished and it was time to renew the carpets, the owners noticed the carpet still looked surprisingly good. A thorough cleaning was done and, remarkably, that was all they needed. The carpets cleaned up perfectly, having survived both the blast and the indignity of the repairs. What better proof of the superior qualities of New Zealand wool!

Budget Cost Averaging: Expanding Your Options

Designers sometimes hesitate to specify Wools of New Zealand Brand carpet for fear it might not fit their budgets. But budget cost averaging put it within reach.

Budget cost averaging is accomplished by examining the needs and design aesthetics of the entire project, then selecting suitable products for each area -- not necessarily the same carpet for all areas.

For example, if you develop key design statements by introducing wool into reception, conference and private office areas, you can save total budget dollars by selecting an attractive and appropriate synthetic product at a lesser price for primary function areas.

In fact, many Wools of New Zealand partner manufacturers can produce similar- appearing carpets in both synthetic and wool fibers. By working with any of these manufacturers, you can maintain control over the project and work with a single carpet source.

By incorporating budget cost averaging into the project, your client stays within the total flooring budget allocated but gains design-enhanced client contact areas by upgrading the flooring.

Cost Averaging in Action

Budget cost averaging enables you to break the total interior project into smaller, more manageable flooring areas. It also lets you look at a variety of materials suitable for each function area.

Let's say, for example, you have a 10,000 square foot project, 33% of which is private office, board and meeting rooms, and the remaining 67% is open office and corridor area. If you specify a synthetic carpet for the open areas and corridors at $4.50 per square foot installed, then a wool carpet can be specified at $6.00 per square foot installed in the other areas, and the average installed budget is kept to $5.00 per square foot. So, with cost averaging you can select a well-designed, high-performing Wools of New Zealand Brand carpet for part of your project.

To learn more about cost averaging and how it can make carpets from Wools of New Zealand Brand partners work of you, call today. We can show you new possibilities that are bound to open the door to your imagination -- and help turn your vision into reality. Let's get started.