Security Notice

This document describes how we protect you and your confidential information.

Access Security

We use several layers of robust security techniques including data encryption, firewalls, passwords and timed session log-outs, among others, to ensure that your personal and financial information is kept private and confidential.

We utilize a variety of access logs and monitoring tools to ensure that only authorized access is permitted to our system. In addition, we regularly perform scheduled audits of our data and processes to ensure that our systems are certified to the highest levels.

Access to your member account is protected by a password which can vary from six to eight characters. The chance of randomly guessing a password is less than one in 1,000,000,000,000 (That's 1,000 billion!).

Our web servers are not directly connected to the Internet. They are protected by "firewalls" -- which are software and hardware products that define, control and limit the access that "outside" computers have to our system. These firewalls securely prevent certain types of Internet traffic from reaching our web servers, and they are the best available technology to prevent unauthorized access.

We also issue order confirmation numbers with every transaction and employ automatic session log-outs after a period of inactivity (just in case you forget to log-out and leave your computer unattended).

Data Security

We use SSL security!

When you sign-in or are ready to send your order, we use the strongest available, industry certified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security technology to encrypt and safely transfer this information through the Internet. The order payment pages at are 100% protected with SSL encryption and backed by their international security guarantees.

Any time that personal or financial information is stored on our web servers, it is further encrypted using two different methods to protect it against web server intrusions. This information is regularly backed-up and maintained at secured off-site locations in accordance with our data facility disaster and recovery protocols.

We're PayPal Verified!

To become Verified, a PayPal member in Canada must provide PayPal with proof that he or she has opened an account at a bank or other financial institution, and the transaction funds will be deposited into this account. Because these institutions are required by law to screen account holders and the government can obtain access to these transaction records, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

Information Privacy

In addition to limiting access to your information on our systems, we also strictly control access to our internal company documents and reports which may contain customer information. More specifically, all internal documents are stored securely and are only available to authorized personnel. We do not retain printed documents for longer than they are required and they are disposed of in a method appropriate for the level of sensitivity of the information which they contain.

We know that you care how information about you is used and shared with others and we have established a detailed Privacy Policy which describes how we collect, use and share the information we gather from you.

Complaints & Suggestions

Our business relies on satisfied customers and we want to know if you are not happy with our web site or business services. Therefore, we welcome any comments, suggestions or concerns you may have by using our convenient online contact form.

Please help us by contacting us.

Other Policies

Please review our other policies (included here by reference), that also govern your visit to our Site.