Carpet Advantages

This document provides information about the benefits of carpet flooring.

Advantage Over Hard Floor Coverings

Carpet is a more desirable and practical alternative to hard floor coverings. Why?

Better Aesthetics

  • Available in a wider variety of textures, colors and designs
  • Non-reflective; does not show scuff marks
  • Creates an ambiance of quality; improves the morale of staff, the comfort of guests and the behaviour of visitors.

Superior Sound & Heat Insulating Properties

  • One of the most effective acoustical building materials
  • Prevents noise generation at floor level without decreasing the quality of projected sound (speech, music, etc.)
  • Greatly reduces sound transmitted through floors
  • Increases thermal comfort by reducing heat loss through the feet and body heat loss through radiation

Greater Comfort

  • Cushions feet
  • Reduces fatigue

Affords Greater Safety

  • Reduces the hazard of slipping and injury from falling
  • Inherently flame retardant

More Economical

  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Saves on fuel costs and sound insulation materials
  Carpet Sheet Vinyl Reinforced Vinyl Tile Terrazzo
Material Installed 30 26 13 38
Cleaning Labor 58 91 91 91
Capital Equipment 6 91 91 91
Expendable Supplies 5 36 36 36
Maintenance of Equipment Allowance 1 3 3 3
Annual use-Cost 100 166 153 178
(1) in monetary units, taking the total annual use-cost for carpet as 100